These videos are the result of a cooperation agreement between Météo-France and Airbus.

These video supports deal with parameters or weather phenomena directly or indirectly impacting the flight.

These supports cover the following topics: standard atmosphere, icing, clouds, turbulence and windshear.

To date (May 06, 2019), the videos concerning the first two subjects are already available, the others are still being processed.

This new cooperation was possible withe the help of a former ENM civilian student who is currently working at Airbus on experimental test flight. He linked the ENM and the Airbus product safety enhancement service, which proves how the training of civilian students contributes to the influence of Météo-France and the dissemination of meteorological science.





  • ISA International Standard Atmosphere (3 videos : jetstream and wind, tropopause, comparaison ISA vs real atmosphere (pression / temperature)
  • Icing (2 videos, icing and ice crystals)
  • Clouds (1 video)
  • Turbulence and windshear (4 videos, general aspects, CAT, Low Level Jet, Mountain Waves)

Additionnal keywords : Airbus, significant phenomenon