A Website To Learn About Weather & Aeronautics

Last update March 2021. Version 2.7.8 conforms to ICAO Annex 3, amd. 78

Photo Credit: Arthur CASSIS et Christian DO CAO

Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre BONIN

Welcome to this educational website proposed by Météo-France. You will find here some learning material on aeronautics and we hope you will find it useful. The site began with French-only material mainly aimed at light-aviation pilots. We are now expanding it with this version in English, and with new material:

  • Quizzes to test your skills and competencies in weather for aeronautics. These are first aimed at meteorologists, namely AMF or Aeronautics Met Forecasters.
  • Videos on met parameters or weather phenomena that may impact a flight, directly or not. The result of a cooperation between Météo-France and Airbus, videos on standard atmosphere and icing are available; Other topics are in the making: clouds, turbulence, and windshear.


If you have any difficulty, please send an email to didacticiel.aero@meteo.fr

Website contributors: Monique Leven, Philippe Lartigue, Jean-Paul Billerot and Franck Pithois, all from Météo-France, with help from Andrea Henderson, BOM Australia and Marion Pirat, Karine Bergeon, Lucile Garnier, Manon Rousseau, Mathieu Wild, Arnaud Sampic and Stéphanie Fuzellier, from Météo-France