• The Aim

    Welcome to the Drill Area

    As mentioned in other parts of this site, you will find here quizzes on weather and aeronautics. As a meteorologist you may check here the competencies needed for the production you are in charge of. You will find several modules or subjects. Items within these modules are chosen at random. When you submit your answer, you will be shown the correct one, along with an explanation which we tried to make both clear and detailed. Whenever possible, links to appropriate documentation are provided.

    Please note: these quizzes are not built as an exam but as learning modules. An official evaluation of your competence as an AMF should be conducted by other means.

    The web platform used is the online learning platform moodle, moodle.org

     In case of difficulty: didacticiel.aero@meteo.fr

    There is a forum for us to discuss aeronautical production & phenomena here



    The items/questions are built by a team of many AMFs from Météo-France. The material was translated by Jean-Paul BILLEROT (Météo-France) and proofread by Andrea HENDERSON (BOM, Australia).


    Aeronautical Meteorological Forecaster Competency Standards

    The items used to write the drills we propose here, are built according to the French implementation of the Competency Standards for AMFs. The implementation follows the terms of the text "Implementation Guidance of Aeronautical Meteorological Forecaster Competency Standards" in its latest version.

    The drills are grouped by themes, corresponding to one or several of five categories. For each quizz, the competencies addressed will be referred to by their numbers, as follows:

    1. Analyse and Monitor Countinuously the Weather Situation
    2. Forecast Aeronautical Meteorological Phenomena and Parameters
    3. Warn of Hazardous Phenomena
    4. Ensure the Quality of Meteorological Information and Services
    5. Communicate Meteorological Information to Internal and External Users